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Domwo. infographic interface

Domestic work represents 24% of modern slavery (forced labour exploitation).
This project's goal is to offer a way to help the situation.

Social awareness

Global context

On september 2015, the United Nations adopted a set of goals as part of a new sustainable development agenda. Two of them target gender equality for women and girls and inclusive and sustainable employment for all.

The Labour Convention (ILO) 2011 says:

"Domestic work continues to be undervalued and invisible and is mainly carried out by women and girls. Many of whom are migrants or members of disadvantaged communities and who are particularly vulnerable to discrimination in respect of conditions of employment, of work and to other abuses of human rights.”


We need information

Domestic workers are a vulnerable and struggling part of our society. For many factors, they have remained invisible, relegated to the side, with no protection and no means to improve their situation. But why?

Trying to understand this, we asked ourselves this questions:

How much do we really know about domestic work? Are we aware of the gravity of the situation? Is it in our power to change this? If yes, how?

An interactive infographic interface to raise awareness about domestic workers

The project

A user friendly interface to activate potential action takers

Throughout an easy and intuitive interaction, which the user can navigate the interface, get as much detailed information as wanted and ultimately comprehend the complexity behind what seems to be a familiar topic.

Many levels of information work simultaneously: rough data, sensitive content and topic imagery, among others. The main objective is for the user to get a general picture of the situation as well as the gravity of it.

Finally, the ultimate goal is to reach out to potential action takers and provide them not only with information, but also with tools for them to be able to take a stand and, hopefully, make a change in the world.

about the data

Real time, accurate information

That gets picked up from the websites of official parties (like the UN and the International Labour Organisation) as well as other organizations (ONGs, unions...). This includes information like rough data, events, campaigns... As a result, it is constantly up to date and growing over time.

Once the information is processed and ready to show, the user can access it through the navigation parameters. These are quickly spotted and easily actionable, which makes the interface accesible from many devices.

Furthermore, the user can quickly recognize how to maneuver through the interface and promptly start processing the information available.

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Caroline Erize
Barcelona, Spain
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