SóNAR barcelona

SONO - AR Music Tattoos

Project designed for the 2019 edition of the Sónar festival in Barcelona.

the project

Carrying an instrument was never so easy

SONO is an audiovisual project that brings tattoos to life by using Augmented Reality to track our movements and interact with our body, effectively turning our tattoos into real instruments that create music.

Each tattoo triggers a custom set of sounds and frequencies which can be modified in real time depending on our body movements. This way, for each tattoo, the user creates a personalized soundscape.

SONO allows up to three users to interact simultaneously, creating a common sound with specific harmonies to encourage creative collaboration.

Final interactions are recorded and archived in a shared library where participants can revisit their performances as well as getting inspired by others in the community.


Unity and Vuforia: let's go!

For Sónar Barcelona, we developed a prototype to convey our project idea. We used Unity to create the main game interface and the plugin Vuforia to be able to work with augmented reality. We programmed the tattoos behaviour with C++, defining how would the tattoo augmented body react with the sound and viceversa.

Once the software was under control, we went into graphic and sound design. After lots of attempts, we managed to design tattoos that Vuforia would recognize properly! Simultaneously, we created brand new sounds based in our own breaths, eatings and interactions. This way, there was an actual part of us in the project!

It was very new and very challenging, but nontheless a great learning experience.

The event

Sónar festival

After lots of work and fighting with Unity until the last moment, the day finally arrived. The prototype was display at Sónar+D during three days, with lots of people enjoying the experience. People could play alone or with each other, using the tattoo of their choice and combining it the others to create new music. Worth the hard work!

Media interviews:
Radio 3, Radio Catalunya, Atlas, Beatburger amonst others.

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Caroline Erize
Barcelona, Spain
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