01_ Building
The installation was composed of 3 parts: a circular wooden frame with a cloth canvas; a RGB LED strip that spanned the circumference of the frame, controlled by an Arduino board and Processing; and motion graphics videos managed with Processing, connected to a laptop and projected on to the circular frame.
02_ Motion graphics
Inspired by the planet Mercury and its history, the graphics projected on to the wooden frame are an abstract geometrical representation of the space missions that were carried that play along to the song by Olaf Blanche.
03_ Mutek
After lots of work and coding until the last moment, the day came. The installation was displaying next to the main stage and playing simultaneously to the different DJs of the day.
04_ Bonus track
Gràffica magazine wrote an article about the installation! https://graffica.info/la-voz-de-mercurio-instalacion-interactiva/
That's all, folks!
Thank you for watching :)

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